Past Behavior, Future Behavior

I heard somewhere that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. As much as I wish to be an idealist, I would have to agree with this saying. People do not become less of themselves aa they get older. In fact, they get to become more of themselves. As people get older, they … Continued

Family Ties, Family Lies

Somewhere along the way we are programmed that family ties are precious and golden and should be cherished above all others arbitrarily so we end up tolerating and forgiving manipulative and toxic behavior we wouldn’t otherwise allow, ¬†due to this myth. Somehow these narcissistic manipulative people know how to use this ideal to their advantage, … Continued

In The Heat of the Moment

Apologies come in a flurry when a toxic manipulator regains their bearings and attempts to reinstall their facade after a sudden outburst of emotionally abusive words or actions. Im sorry, they say, I didn’t mean it. It came out in the heat of the moment, they say, as they appeal to your need to restore … Continued

Empathy Not Included

I grew up in a time when rechargeable batteries were a novelty so toys would come with disclaimers that batteries were not included. Sociopaths, narcissists, and psychopaths do noy vome with empathy. If they would have been packaged and marketed, they would come with signs and stickers labelled, “Empathy not included.” However, unlike these toys … Continued

The Politics of Money

Money is an inescapable fact of life. As much as we wish to preach high ideals, the fact is that bills have to be paid and who has the gold makes the rules in society as well as in extended family dynamics. The mere coincidence of being blood relations does not make us immune to … Continued

Ties That Bind

For most families, being related is a good thing, having blood relations becomes an advantage and a source of strength. And then, there’s the rest of us who are perhaps labeled the black sheep of the family and whose families and relatives become a source of constant emotional blackmail, manipulation and toxicity. If you are … Continued

On Gutfeel and Gobbledygook

Energy is palpable. We have all experienced the conversations which leave us with a sinking or twisting feeling in our gut and that should be enough of a warning to signal us to get out of the interaction or situation. When we are not being respected and when our boundaries are being trampled upon, our … Continued

Mind Games and Nonsense

I have been AWOL for a while, been too busy dealing with mind games and nonsense. Manipulative people seem to be multiplying like bacteria and everyone seems to have their own agenda. My previous blog will. no longer be updated. I will be posting here more regularly, or so I hope. Just because people … Continued